AeroForum, organized by La Tribune and sponsored by TBS – Nov. 16, 2020

After 7 editions of Aeronautics trophies, a new event: AeroForum #LTAF

The aeronautics sector is in a difficult period, but the prospects for the future are encouraging, notably with the challenge of the decarbonised aircraft.
La Tribune AeroForum, live from Toulouse (formerly Trophées de l’aéronautique, Aeronautics Trophies) aims at establishing a positive context around this great industry and to debate about its future. Faced with the health context, this event has been delivered live and in a totally digital way.

This is a time for solidarity, diversification and innovation. This new event, sponsored by TBS (as for the 7 previous events) is intended to have a positive tone, should help to restore confidence in this ecosystem, to unite and draw up new perspectives for the future of the aeronautics industry.

Mr. Jean-Brice Dumont, the President of CORAC, Executive Vice-President Engineering of Airbus, in his capacity as Inspiring Guest, gave an exclusive interview to La Tribune during this event in order to draw up the road-map to achieve a de-carbonized aircraft in 2035. Some of the technological building blocks of this future aircraft have been presented during this major industry gathering, during a round table discussion, in order to demonstrate that a clean aircraft is a realistic objective.

A debate on young people and their vision of air transport

In this context, some students, including Aerospace MBA Delegates (Bruno Okogie, Capt. Poonam Devrakhyani) shared their vision of the future of air transport in the face of climate change. This sequence has been completed by a dialogue and debate between Jean-Brice Dumont and two students from Toulouse, who are following a training course at the Toulouse Business School (Eleanor Sohier) and ISAE-Supaero (Quentin Barascud).

To complete this ceremony, La Tribune dedicated a sequence to great entrepreneurial stories at the heart of the supply chain in connection with the health crisis and to what happened to the winners of previous editions of the “Trophées de l’Aéronautique”. Thus, diverse presentations have been made on the topics of digitalisation, solidarity, diversification and consolidation.

TBS in the air and on air!

Let’s share some take aways from Aeroforum


TBS has been working in aerospace for over 20 years with:

– the most extensive aerospace-related training portfolio among Business Schools: Bachelor in Aviation, MSc Aerospace Management, Aerospace MBA, MS MTA (ENAC program)

– 2 decades record of research in Aerospace management (books, articles in finance, economics, strategy, marketing, HR, legal, operations…)

A dedicated research chair on Space & business related issues: SIRIUS Chair


TBS is more than ever committed to bring support to the aerospace ecosystem:

– in training with quick win programs for upskilling & reskilling of current talents

– in carrying out missions through internships, apprenticeships, student team works

– in conducting research by top-level faculty


Under the leadership of Stéphanie Lavigne, TBS reinforces its presence and impact with the recent creation of the Societal Transition Tirectorate headed by Patricia Chauvel and the reaffirmation of its differentiating activities:

aerospace & mobility

artificial intelligence & data analytics


Get ready to meet the challenges of intelligent and fluid mobility that is frugal, sustainable, more responsible and which optimizes the passenger experience in a systemic and holistic manner!

Time to work in a transgenerational and transdisciplinary manner to address the “mobility turn”


Travel is not just an industry, it’s a fundamental need. Keep faith in this fantastic sector that will not just recover but has to reinvent the whole transport experience!

Full video of Aeroforum

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