Graduation Ceremony – Aerospace MBA in India – IIMB & TBS Education – Dec. 16, 2022 – Bengaluru

The Aerospace MBA program launched in April 2015 by Prof. S. Raghunath and Madan Mohan Raj (IIMB) and Dr. Christophe Bénaroya (TBS Education) is delivered ever since while its sister program in Toulouse merged into a Global Executive MBA in 2020.

Due to Covid, two batches (Batch #4 and Batch#5) could not benefit from their respective physical Graduation Ceremonies. Prof. Shainesh and Prof. Raghunath invited Dr. Christophe Bénaroya to take part to a special Graduation ceremony for these batches while inviting AerospaceMBA Alumni to join: some of them, from Batch 1, 2… effectively attended the ceremony and met the initial inception team along with the new management from IIMB (Prof. Shainesh) and TBS Education (Laurent Besson).

Moving moments! What a pleasure to meet families, Graduates and Alumni, catching up, to speak with Amit Pathak (Collins Aerospace) and to finally meet again in person our friends from IIMB!

Beyond the ceremony, Prof. Bénaroya taught B2B marketing in a hybrid mode to the current Batch 8. Sweet memories!

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