New facilities – Open Airlines – June 29, 2022

Mr. Alexandre Feray (CEO) and Mr. Stéphane Nitenberg (CCO) kindly invited Dr. Christophe Bénaroya to the inauguration of the second office facilities in Toulouse (right next to Place du Capitole).

OpenAirline team grew by 50% last year! They needed a little extra space to welcome all their newcomers. A great occasion to celebrate happy moments and achievements. 
A memorable opening party with some great entertainment:
🎨 Collaborative mural painting 
📷 Photobooth 
🐻 Tattoos (temporary, of course!)
🎺 Fantastic live music by Bondy

Many partners were invited, and TBS Education / MSc Aerospace Management was delighted and proud to salute these new facilities and great achievements.

Thanks a lot to Alexandre, Stéphane and team!

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