All the aerospace and aviation stakeholders are heavily impacted by #Covid19. A lot of experts are trying to figure out how to prepare the post-crisis operations and recovery. No offense, but it is not always convincing though. This is indeed sometimes biaised, subjective or completely hypothetical and purely imaginative.

However, in Business Schools full continuity of research and teaching have been ensured in a remarkable way. This enables to deal with this ultrahot topic in a more objective way, backed up by academic rationale.

It led today to amazing presentations (and reports) from AerospaceMBA Delegates done remotely through a dedicated digital platform. Going beyond immediate bailout or short-term quick wins was a real challenge. Especially when you work on it from 10 different countries!

Thanks a to systematic analysis of all decisions made by the airlines worldwide, a current diagnosis has been issued. Using their cumulated 2 centuries of work experience and aerospace & aviation expertise the Delegates reflect on the practices of their own organizations, focusing on some specific and in-depth case studies.

Taking into account operations, human capital, marketing & sales, finance and organizational processes, customer behavior & experience, while incorporating stakeholders and the bigger picture, it leads the AerospaceMBA Delegates to great recommendations for airlines and the industry.

Out of the detailed recommendations presented, some interesting general takeways might be shared here (*): greener operations (with disruptive approach), new brilliant and daring marketing ideas, development of “shadow organization” actionable for future crisis, new business models with an extended bundling of services and activities, new managerial practices and responsibilities, thought provoking new ways of considering the role of the transportation stakeholders… Pretty encouraging proposals for the industry!

(*) Reports and presentations can unfortunately not be disclosed, as they are bhound to confidentiality agreement

➡️ Link to IATA video

➡️ Link to ICAO

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