USAIRE Garden Party – 1st of July, 2022

Since 2017, a partnership has been set up between TBS and USAIRE to strengthen the link between the business aerospace community and the academic world. Initially developed in the frame of the Aerospace MBA, this partnership focused on initial training in 2020 with the MSc in Aerospace Management. Owing to tremendous changes in the Aerospace MBA now merged into a Global Executive MBA, no more MBA full time participants could take part to the USAIRE activities. On the top of that, the partnership was already involving students from MS or MScs regarding some communication activities. While COVID crisis did not help to effectively get students from MSc in Aerospace Management fully involved in the USAIRE activities, 2021 has been really the first year of reactivation of the partnership.

On July 1st, 2022 a garden party took place in Château Thégra (for the first time since 2019). It’s been a great opportunity to highlight the space sector with the presence of many key players and deciders.

A premium event with inspiring aerospace executives & leaders and the active support of committed elected representatives Nadia Pellefigue and Corinne Vignon

An excellent and eye-opening speech regarding space defence stakes by General @Adam Philippe!

We completely agree on Space being a promising sector for our talents, and we’re more than ever committed to research activities in that field (Sirius Chair led by Prof. Victor Dos Santos Paulino) and to teaching / training (Participation to Universeh, the European Space University initiative). 

Splendid event organized by USAIRE & local team

We’re glad to work and contribute to USAIRE for years with Aerospace Management students.

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